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Wood Fuel Briquettes

  • Formed from wood shavings and wood dust
  • Use no adhesives or additives
  • Can be used on open fires or wood burners
  • Produce more heat than traditional logs
  • Are easier and cleaner to use than traditional logs
  • Create very little ash
  • Are carbon neutral
  • Have very good environmental credentials – They are made from materials that would normally be considered as a waste product.

We recommend that Briquettes are mixed with logs or other fuels when used as an open fire, this increases there burn time.

When using briquettes in a wood burner, do not over fill the wood burner; the briquettes may expand slightly during combustion.  We also recommend that the air flow be reduced through the wood burner; this will increase the briquettes burn time.

Approximate weight of this bag of briquettes is 10kg.